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New, Refurbished & Warranty

Q - Is this product new or refurbished?

A - The condition of the item is clearly stated in the listing details and can be found just below the title on the view item page.

Q- What is refurbished?

A - Customers return products for many reasons: it may have been unsuitable, an unwanted gift or simply because they have changed their mind. Product identified by BestpriceHotdeals as 'refurbished' are products that have been returned, checked, inspected, repaired if necessary, graded and reboxed complete with all accessories.

Q - So how exactly are these product refurbished?

A - Every product targeted for refurbishing must pass a thorough examination. They are checked and inspected, returning the products to like-new or almost new condition. The condition of the product after refurbishing is indicated by the grade of the item as indicated below.

Stock Status & Warranty

Stock Status:

Owing to the vast range of stock coming through our warehouses we place stock in the following categories to ease your purchase.

- Brand New - Self explanatory really, unit is brand new fully complete with all accessories

- As New - The item is in 'As New' condition and may have simply been taken out of the box to inspect / check contents and subsequently cannot be sold as brand new.

- Factory Refurbished - Either an unwanted gift, an item returned under a 14day money back guarantee, a cancelled order or simply an item taken out of the box to demonstrate to someone. These items are subsequently thoroughly checked and tested by fully qualified service agents and sent to our warehouses where we can then offer them to you at substantially discounted prices. The item may have a minor cosmetic blemish which will not detract from the operation of the unit whatsoever and it may have been repacked for secure transportation. In many cases these items are indistinguishable from new and represent a fantastic bargain, however, please dont be dissappointed if there is a slight cosmetic mark on the item.

- Grade 1 Refurbished - As above but may show greater signs of use

- NB: In all cases above our items may be repacked in new brown boxes for security / safety. All serial numbers are recorded to prevent fraud.


For your peace of mind we offer a 90day warranty on all our graded products unless otherwise stated in the item description. Most of our Brand New products come complete with full manufacturer warranty. In the event of a problem please either send us a message through eBay or email us at so that we can help. In most cases the item will need to be returned to us at your expense and we will pay for repair / replacement shipping.